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SOLD OUT - Registration Now Open For Summer 2022 Protégés


Make sure you add your name to our waitlist as spots may become available. Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and add your name to our mailing list so you don't miss the details of our upcoming programs and events. !See the social media icons on the top of the page for links!)

The Summer 2022 interVivos Mentorship Program launching on June 27, 2022, will amplify the voices of diverse 2SLGBTQ+ mentors and showcase their impressive work and valuable insights. Register now as a protégé!

This program will create a safe, trustworthy, supportive, welcoming, inclusive, and reciprocal atmosphere for all participants. We recognize the importance of diversity and supporting one another in creating a sense of belonging for all. Protégés from all backgrounds are welcome to register. Protégés do not need to identify as 2SLGBTQ+ to participate in this program. We encourage our Summer 2022 mentors and protégés to pick a match that looks different from them.

Here’s what some recent interVivos participants said about their experience:

  • “I loved the opportunity to work through some of the professional roadblocks and barriers I had been experiencing and having the feedback and guidance of someone who had been through similar situations and could help me to navigate them. My mentor also provided me with tangible exercises that I could do to help me gain clarity about my professional aspirations and goals and practically talk through how I can achieve them (or take the first steps). My mentor also has a wealth of knowledge about their industry since they are in a field that I am personally interested in--they had great resources to link me to and networks to connect with. ”

  • “It felt like I could fit professional advancement into my already busy schedule with the flexibility of the program requirements. My mentor was so fantastic, and her success inspires me! Our relationship is a place of mutual learning and respect, and I am looking forward to fostering this connection. We worked through some complex challenges, and I feel like I made some significant progress.”

  • “I've been a part of many networking opportunities in the past years, wine and cheese, speed networking, etc., in both the capacity of protégé and mentor. I've seen some terrible things happen out of these events because of the power dynamics that are the foundation of networking sometimes. I entered interVivos with very low expectations, but I was so pleased with this program. You all have worked very hard, and it shows! The structured approach and all the thoughts and care you put in from the training to considerations about power, to social media promotion, to the little thank-you's - it's all very much appreciated. Thank you for having me--I've enjoyed my experience!”. The following are the confirmed volunteer mentors for the Summer 2022 mentorship program:

  • Adam Henley, Registered Nurse, Clinical Lead and Founder, Consortia Care

  • Alyssa Dubue, Digital Marketing Manager, zag

  • Cynthia Decore, Writer, Disabled Discourse

  • Elli McDine, Director Member Journey Transformation, Alberta Motor Association

  • Jackie Foord, Non-profit advocate

  • Janelle Snow, Digital Strategist and Online Engagement Specialist, Government of Alberta

  • Jeff Herzog, Assistant Lecturer, University of Alberta

  • Joshua Wolchansky, Entertainment Director, Fruit Loop Society of Alberta

  • Morgan Bazin, CPA, CMA, Long View Systems

  • Ron Byers, Community Leader and Queer Historian, Rainbow Story Hub, Edmonton Queer History

Protégés choose their fee to participate in the program. The fees collected from protégés are directly invested in our programs, events, and non-profit costs. We also provide free protégé spots to local nonprofits. A reminder that you can register to be a protégé by visiting: . Limited spots are available!

Find out more by visiting our mentorship FAQ page and getting the answers to your burning questions:

Be sure to check us out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to stay up to date on all things interVivos and find out more about our Summer 2022 mentors. Feel free also to drop us a line at with any questions that you may have.

Summer 2022 Mentorship Program Sponsors


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