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To cultivate leadership through dialogue, engagement, and mentorship.


A generation of inspired and informed leaders.







  • How do the matches happen?
    It is a process that starts with the program launch! Participants meet at the mentorship program launch, which takes place at a central location in Edmonton or over Zoom on a weeknight. Protégés and mentors have the opportunity to meet with all the participants at the launch, discuss what their goals are, and then choose who the best match would be for them in a speed-rotation format. At the end of the evening, mentors and protégés rank their choices, and interVivos makes the final matches in the weeks following. The match information is then emailed out to the participants.
  • How often do you meet with your match?
    Mentors and protégés are welcome to meet as often as they would like, but we require at least three in-person or virtual meetings during the 6-month program. interVivos performs check-ins throughout the 6-month program and provides resources to assist. Some participants continue to meet and stay in touch, but that is not an expectation of interVivos.
  • Do we collaborate with other organizations?
    Yes! We have worked with the Edmonton Heritage Council and Volunteer Alberta's Youth @ the Table initative. Send us an email if you’d like to work together.
  • How can I learn more about the terminology your mentorship program uses?
    If you come across a word on our website that you are not familiar with, refer to our handy mentorship glossary.
  • How can I find out about the next launch?
    You can sign up for our mailing list, and/or follow us on social media. We are always looking for mentors. Email us to find out more.



Meet the interVivos Team! The board members diligently manage day-to-day operations, ensuring our strategic success.


Supported by our valuable advisors, we are propelled towards new heights with their guidance whenever we seek it.

United as volunteers, we are resolute in making a positive impact on our community.




Jackie Foord (she/her) is the Executive Director of Compassion House Foundation which  strives to ease the distress of the cancer journey for women. 

Her first experience with interVivos was as a mentor in the Summer 2022 Mentorship Program focused on 2SLGBTQ+ volunteer mentors. interVivos inspires Jackie through its efforts to make a positive change in Edmonton. Every mentorship program and community event influences and impacts the community.

“I love it when I am able to connect people with other people or organizations that can lead to mutually beneficial relationships. Connections build strong communities, better cities and healthy, prosperous citizens and for me those are the goals of community engagement.”

Favourite Local Businesses: Sherlock Holmes Pub Downtown, Rick & Alice's Grill, Floc Boutique



Katherine Swampy (she/her) has been an advisor since early 2022. She is an elected councillor with Samson Cree Nation. She has also run provincially and federally. Being involved with many community issues to create impactful changes gives Katherine a  meaningful sense of work.

Katherine’s first experience with interVivos was as a mentor in our Fall 2020 BIPOC mentorship program. She enjoyed the opportunity to share her own experiences with her protégé and grow a relationship with them.

“interVivos has a hands-on approach to encourage and motivate individuals to pursue a career or make necessary changes for improving their jobs. I am inspired by interVivos to want to give back and share.”

Favourite Local Business: 49DzineEdmonton



Shani (she/her) is the Founder and Managing Partner at pipikwan pêhtâkwan, an Indigenous-owned, led, and majority staffed public relations agency. She became an advisor in early 2021. Find out more about Shani on our blog.

Her first experience with interVivos was as a mentor in 2019 for the all-women mentorship program.  interVivos inspires her because of our efforts to build bridges and reciprocal relationships across various backgrounds.

“The interVivos board is always willing to learn and build out the opportunities to bring in more diverse voices. Actions like this provide opportunities for oppressed communities to have their voices heard and to ensure their perspectives are reflected in decision making at all levels.”

Favourite Local Business: Tee Pee Treats

We look to our volunteer Advisory Council for sage wisdom and steady, supportive leadership to help guide our organization's decision-making in the right direction.

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