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Fall in love with local businesses this fall

Spending more money with local businesses is always an excellent routine to begin or ramp up, particularly as we head into the holiday shopping season. 

Local businesses contribute to the overall character and uniqueness of our community. They offer a more unique product selection than national retailers, who all carry the same thing. They also innately have a better understanding of the community and its people. The customer service is often much more personalized and attentive. Local businesses are also much more likely to go above and beyond to win a sale than a big box store would.

During our Fall 2021 mentorship program launch in September, we asked all participants to tell us their favourite local businesses.  The chat box in Zoom was on fire as all of our participants reminisced about their shared love for these businesses and enjoyable experiences with them.

This is an exciting list, and we hope you’ll find some new places to enjoy and check out. Of course, we’ve included our wonderful program sponsors here too.  

Restaurants and Cafés


Miscellaneous Awesomeness

Check out our blog post from Holiday Season 2020 that featured some fantastic local businesses shared by other mentorship participants.

Are you a local business wanting to connect with mentors and protégés? We accept support in ways such as venue space, audiovisual equipment, live streaming capabilities, catering, and event prizes such as gift cards. Please reach out to  to tell us more about how you can help!


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