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Got questions about thank u, next? We have FAQs!

Why is interVivos organizing thank u, next? We’re saying thank u, next to all the gender-based pandemic roadblocks, and thank u, yes, to Edmonton-made solutions.

thank u, next will allow attendees to interact with local experts about the unique struggles women and gender-diverse people have faced during the pandemic. Work-life effectiveness, mental health, career growth, unpaid labour – it’s time to discuss these realities and use community wisdom to come up with practical solutions.

When did interVivos organize last organize an event like this? Before the pandemic! thank u, next is our first community engagement event in over three years.

We’ve not been idle, though! Instead, we’ve organized three virtual mentorship programs during the pandemic and focused on developing some behind-the-scenes things like a new strategic plan, our 15th anniversary, and building awareness of the critical issues in the community, such as allyship.

Do I have to live in Edmonton to participate in the event? It is recommended but not required. While this is a virtual experience, interVivos is an Edmonton-based nonprofit, and our events and programs are focused on supporting our community. Some of the conversations may have a local focus, but will still be applicable to attendees participating from other places.

How did we determine the topics being discussed at the event? In April 2022, we sought input and invited Edmontonians to share feedback and perspectives on the pandemic and its effects on women and gender-diverse people. Click here to find out more.

Over 50 diverse Edmontonians participated in the anonymous survey. In addition, the survey was advertised on social media, in our newsletter, and on our website.

Based on the feedback from the survey, six topics were identified that our community would be most interested in discussing:

  • Mental health impacts (31%)

  • Work-life effectiveness & setting boundaries (25%)

  • Growing a career in the face of uncertainty (12%)

  • Championing diversity & allyship (12%)

  • Access to healthy safe spaces (10%)

  • Equal partnerships & unpaid work (6%)

  • Financial impacts (4%)

For the sake of time at the event on May 11, 2022, we will only be discussing the top 5 issues. Thank you to those who participated and shared your opinions. Thank you to Doughnut Party for providing some prizes.

Are all genders invited? All genders are welcome to attend. interVivos is fiercely non-partisan, and diversity has always been one of our values. We recognize the importance of diversity and strive to create a sense of belonging among all whom we engage with.

In particular, men who attend the event can learn more about how to support their female and gender-diverse peers. Click here to read the reflections of a male attendee who attended our event focused on #metoo and #timesup a few years ago.

Is the event a safe space? The virtual event will provide an atmosphere unlike your typical Zoom event. Small breakout sessions will allow participants with similar challenges to connect directly with local experts and each other. The discussions in the small groups will be confidential and not recorded. Attendees will be asked to agree to a number of ground rules, including confidentiality.

How did you find the volunteer speakers? Speakers were recommended by participants of the community survey, our board members, advisors, and former mentors. They’re diverse and were picked with an intersectional lens. They are community leaders, thinkers, and high achievers.

Why is there a cost to the event? We are a volunteer-run nonprofit. Attendees will pay a small fee to keep our operating expenses low and our events and programs affordable for all Edmontonians. For each event or program, interVivos uses a portion of revenue to offer no-cost spots to diverse community organizations.

Typically, interVivos charges people $20 to participate in a community engagement event. However, we are hardly in a typical time, and the virtual event’s price reflects the economic reality. interVivos is proud to provide tickets on a sliding scale of either $5, $10, or $15 to allow you to pay what you can. If you would like a reduced ticket price, please contact us at

How can you stay involved if you can’t come to the event?

interVivos is always up to something. Please visit our website at You can also sign up for our mailing list here:

We are also quite active on our social media channels:

  • Instagram: @intervivosab

  • LinkedIn:

  • Twitter: @interVivosAB

  • Facebook:

  • TikTok: @intervivosab

Follow our hashtag to participate in the conversation online: #ThankUNextYeg

Have other questions?

Drop us a line at


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