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Meet the interVivos Interns

The interVivos board has been working hard with four amazing interns in the past few months. This is your chance to get to know them better!

Eunice is in her final year of a BA in Political Science and Human Geography and is participating in the Non-Profit Board Student Internship Program as part of her certificate in Community Service-Learning. She is very interested in health policy and eventually wants to be a public health practitioner. When she’s not at school studying or out in the community volunteering, she loves going to improv shows, checking out new restaurants around the city and binge watching MasterChef.

Lebene is Ghanaian/Togolese-Canadian and aspiring visual artist, multimedia creative and content creator based in Edmonton. Lebene is currently a student at NAIT studying television. She is also a writer for One Tribe Magazine which is an online publication and creative platform geared towards the African diaspora. She is determined to be a digital content producer when she graduates.

Abby is completing her final year of studies at the University of Calgary. She will graduate this spring with dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in International Development. A volunteer with the Women’s Centre of Calgary since 2016, Abby is active in encouraging awareness and activism among young girls on topics surrounding female leadership, social justice and social change. She is fortunate to have been surrounded by girl bosses all her life, and wants to help inspire and encourage the next generation of future girl bosses!

A recent graduate of the University of Alberta (2015 B.A. English), Christy is refining her communications skills in the Public Relations diploma program at MacEwan University.  She is also a communications intern at both Modern Muse Media, a social media, marketing and content creation company, and Aris M.D., a bio tech firm that produces augmented and virtual reality for use in surgery. Christy represented Aris M.D. in a consumer engagement role at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. When she’s not studying or working you can find her taking yoga very seriously.

Want to intern with us? We currently have two vacancies: Mentorship Program Intern and Blog and Website Intern.

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