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Your Playbill for A Provincial Affair


Tickets are on sale until the event begins. Tickets are $15 each or $20 at the door if spaces are still available. Purchase your ticket(s).

Learn about the issues

interVivos has put together backgrounders for each of the main issues we'll be discussing. Please take some time to review them before the big day! These election-issue topics were determined based on research MacEwan students completed earlier this spring.

Affordability & jobs


Reconciliation & anti-oppression

Voter turnout & engagement

Ground rules

interVivos is a non-partisan nonprofit organization. We understand that many attendees may have opposing viewpoints and discussions may become heated. We ask that all attendees remain respectful of one another.

We want to create a safe space for brave conversations. Here are some understandings that we’d like to set in preparation for the event:

  • Patience and compassion for yourself and others

  • Respect for everyone in the room

  • Listen to understand rather than respond

  • Embrace ambiguity

  • Challenge your assumptions

  • Speak honestly and with intention

  • What we share in the group stays in the group

  • Expect unfinished business

Attendees will also be signing a document when they arrive saying that they understand if they don’t follow these rules, they will be asked to leave the event.

Meet our speakers and emcee


Joshua Wolchansky (He/They), Community Builder

Speaker on affordability and jobs:

Satya Brata Das (He/Him), Chair, The Digital Economist

Speaker on health care: Dr. Bonnie Islam (She/Her), Associate Teaching Professor and Pediatrician, University of Alberta/ Alberta Health Services/ Stollery Children's Hospital, New Canadians Health Centre and Northeast Community Health Centre

Speaker on reconciliation and anti-oppression:

Shani Gwin (She/Her), Founder and Managing Partner at pipikwan pêhtâkwan


Take a look at our FAQ blog for all the answers! And, if our FAQ blog didn't have the answer, please reach out to us at


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