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What issue should the provincial government prioritize within the first year of being elected?

Welcome to our wrap-up of A Provincial Affair, which took place this spring, to help citizens be informed and define the critical agenda that our provincial government should prioritize in the next year.

We believe that effective governance is not just about making promises but about embracing a vision that encompasses the aspirations of every citizen, regardless of their background or circumstances. So, we asked our attendees at the end of the evening to answer the following question on a Post-It: “What issue should the provincial government prioritize within the first year of being elected?”

Surprise! There is just not one issue that matters to Edmontonians. We have themed the Post-Its below.

Affordability and Jobs

  • Sustainable economic growth and ensuring affordability

  • Inflation (groceries, housing, essentials, gas, electricity, etc.)

  • People-first approaches and community building

  • Minimum living wages

  • A better plan for minimum living wage instead of minimum wage

  • Improved public housing

  • Government-controlled rent

  • Building community and supporting the local economy

  • Job affordability

  • Affordable housing

  • Poverty and economic inequality

  • Ending tax breaks for oil and gas and returning control of resources according to treaty rights

  • Interest rates

  • Job creation and investment in emerging industries

  • Post-pandemic economy

  • Homelessness, supporting housing, and harm reduction

  • Planning for the future, not repeating the past

  • Free post-secondary education


  • Status of healthcare

  • Drugs and addiction policies and resources

  • Investing in primary prevention

  • Providing genuine support for mental health in children and adults

  • Affordable healthcare and increased mental health awareness

Reconciliation and Anti-Oppression

  • Indigenous people and reconciliation efforts

  • People-first approach

  • Community-focused approach to governing

  • Reconciliation and Indigenous autonomy

  • Amplifying the voices of citizens

  • Equity for all

  • Education on how social programs reduce social costs

  • Commitment to better integration and support for new immigrants and refugees, particularly facilitating the employment of internationally educated individuals, especially in healthcare

Climate Action

  • Environmental crisis

  • Climate change

This blog has shown that we have a very engaged community that has a lot to say about what the provincial government should focus on! Thank you to all of our attendees, speakers, and volunteers who created a safe and dynamic space.

If you missed A Provincial Affair and are looking for other ways to connect with the Edmonton community, we recommend that you get involved with our upcoming mentorship program launching on August 23. The program will focus on women, trans, and gender-diverse volunteer mentors. Check out to find out more or send us an email at


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