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Summer 2022 Mentorship Program FAQs


Make sure you add your name to our waitlist as spots may become available. Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and add your name to our mailing list so you don't miss the details of our upcoming programs and events. !See the social media icons on the top of the page for links!)

The Summer 2022 interVivos Mentorship Program launching on June 27, 2022, will amplify the voices of diverse 2SLGBTQ+ mentors and showcase their impressive work and valuable insights. The program provides protégés with the opportunity to connect and be matched with a successful 2SLGBTQ+ mentor. Mentors and protégés are encouraged to be authentic in order to connect with others in the program.

Want to register but have some lingering questions? Check out some of the FAQs below.

What does 2SLGBTQ+ stand for?

The acronym “2SLGBTQ” stands for Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning). The plus sign represents other sexual identities, such as pansexual or asexual. It’s important to remember that everyone – not just 2SLGBTQ+ people – has a gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Why is interVivos organizing a mentorship program focused exclusively on 2SLGBTQ+ volunteer mentors?

The interVivos board is thrilled to highlight many amazing 2SLGBTQ+ volunteer mentors in the Edmonton community. We recognize the importance of diversity and support one another in creating a sense of belonging for all. interVivos is fiercely non-partisan, but diversity has always been one of our values.

2SLGBTQ+ people are generally underrepresented in leadership positions and have to deal with bias, stigma, discrimination, hostility, and pressure to “manage” their identities in social settings—including the workplace—to suit the expectations of others.

If fewer people mentor 2SLGBTQ+ people, fewer 2SLGBTQ+ people will rise to leadership positions. The program is an opportunity for 2SLGBTQ+ mentors with varied careers, backgrounds, and perspectives to empower the next generation of 2SLGBTQ+ leaders.

interVivos pledges to support our 2SLGBTQ+ mentors and protégés all year round, not just during Pride Month.

Who can register to be a protégé in this program?

Protégés from all backgrounds are welcome to register. Protégés do not need to identify as 2SLGBTQ+ to participate in this program. We have always encouraged our protégés to pick a mentor who looks different from them and/or has a different professional background from them.

What kind of support does interVivos provide to protégés?

interVivos is creating a safe space for all participants to share their experiences. We use an open-door policy to build trust and a supportive environment. The interVivos board has completed anti-oppression training to ensure the program is impactful and serves all participants well. We have several tools and resources available for protégés to prepare for the launch and throughout the program.

What will the 2SLGBTQ+ mentors get out of the program?

Our mentors are volunteers who are looking to give back to their community. Mentors will share their ideas and experiences as a 2SLGBTQ+ leader in Edmonton to assist you in your career journey.

What will protégés work on during the program?

We understand that some of the protégés in this program may wish to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities associated with being a 2SLGBTQ+ professional in Edmonton. We welcome this, but our mentorship programs offer protégés so much more.

Protégés leave our mentorship programs with enhanced confidence and leadership skills. Others work towards concrete goals that they have set out for themselves, such as creating a business plan or a website. To find out about the experiences of past protégés in other programs, check out our blog posts featuring Charmaine and her mentor Abby and Brian and his mentor Amarjeet.

Will I find a job at the end of the program?

Our mentorship programs are not a platform to ask mentors for a job. This upcoming program is no different. Protégés should pursue this mentorship program if they are looking to elevate their career, change career paths, develop a specific goal, or solve a personal or professional challenge (for example, imposter syndrome). A mentor’s role is to listen, guide, provide constructive feedback, and help you achieve actionable outcomes within the program’s six-month duration.

Why is there a cost to the mentorship program?

We are a volunteer-run nonprofit. Protégés pay a small fee to keep our operating expenses low and our programs affordable for all Edmontonians. For each program, interVivos uses a portion of revenue to offer no-cost protégé spots to diverse community organizations.

Typically, interVivos charges our protégés $80 to participate in a mentorship program. We are hardly in a typical time, and the mentorship program’s price reflects the economic reality. interVivos is proud to provide protégé spots on a sliding scale of either $50, $60, or $70 to allow you to pay what you can for a protégé spot.

How does interVivos recruit the protégés?

interVivos protégé spots sell out quickly and the program often has a waiting list.

All interVivos protégés self-select to be a part of the program. Many hear about the program through social media, our mailing list, our board members, and past mentors and protégés. Some are even repeating protégés who want to work on different goals with another mentor.

How does the organization select volunteer mentors?

Our volunteer mentors are referred to us by former mentors, former protégés, board members, the interVivos Advisors, sponsors, and volunteers. We select mentors for each program to ensure that we have mentors representing diverse professional backgrounds, genders, ages, and racial backgrounds.

Some mentors have reached out to interVivos directly and asked if they can participate. We do some informal screening to ensure that protégés get the best mentors available in the community.

We are also excited to have some former protégés become mentors over the years. And some mentors ask to mentor again! If you know of any potential mentors for future programs, please email at any time.

What Covid-19 precautions are in place during the in-person launch?

We encourage our participants to use masks and sanitizer whenever possible.

What is the launch dress code?

Professional attire is not necessary. Wear what makes you feel best. Our program is a safe space.

Will mentors and protégés be able to meet in person during the 6-month program?

Mentors and protégés can meet virtually or in-person after being matched.

Can you attend the launch virtually?

No. You must attend it in person on June 27. We will have no virtual options in place for the launch at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel West Edmonton. You are welcome to have your match meetings during the 6-month program virtually.

Register to be a protégé now!

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