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What do Edmontonians want from their provincial government this next year?

In April 2019, A Provincial Affair returned to Edmonton for the 2019 general election. interVivos offered engaged Edmontonians a wide range of nonpartisan expert-led discussion. We covered economic diversification, education, employment, environmental issues and healthcare.

The panelists have a photo-op with Peg!

We asked our attendees at the end of the evening to answer the following question on a Post-It:

“What issue should the provincial government prioritize within the first year of being elected?”

An attendee browses the responses on our Post It Wall

Here is what was written on the Post-Its:

Economic Diversification

  1. “A concrete plan to start marketing and moving Alberta towards being a leader in innovation to move us beyond our current oil/gas identity.”

  2. “Change perceptions around our resources, jobs.”

  3. “Invest within Alberta and its businesses rather than outsourcing our work.”

  4. “Self driving car innovation.”

  5. “The provincial government should prioritize economic diversification which can lead to innovation in healthcare, environmental initiatives and improved employment opportunities.”

  6. “Upskilling or re-training labour force to support economic diversification.”


  1. “Enabling businesses to find efficiencies to support minimum wage but address understaffing stresses.”

  2. “Livable wages for an average family.”

  3. “Maintain minimum wage.”

  4. “Poverty reduction.”

  5. “Workers’ rights.”


  1. “Protect kids’ rights.”

  2. “Curriculum release.”

  3. “Fund education in alignment to the enrollment growth.”

  4. “Increase funding for education.”

  5. “NO snitch line for teachers! GSAs <3.”


  1. “Carbon levy – keeping.”

  2. “Climate change priority #1 for the new provincial government.”

  3. “Free public transit.”

  4. “Make sustainability easier and more accessible for all Albertans. No pipelines :(.“


  1. “Continued support for safe injection sites.”

  2. “Free dental care and pharmacare.”

  3. “Increase healthcare efficiency reduce waiting time.”

  4. “Mental health recognition.”

  5. “Healthcare innovation as a model of economic diversification and development!”

interVivos thanks all attendees, speakers and volunteers who participated in the wonderful discussions at the event!

The Speech from the Throne is on May 22, 2019. We look forward to hearing if any of these ideas are featured by the governing United Conservative Party. Our next issues event will be in October on the federal election. Stay tuned to our site and social media for more information.


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