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What mentorship means to me.

Mentorship: The guidance provided by someone else, usually in a professional capacity.

Jacqueline Biollo, President and CEO of A Songbird’s Solo Consulting and interVivos mentor

Mentorship and the guidance of others have had a direct impact on my personal, professional and educational networks over the years. I’ve also the honour of being a mentor with interVivos Edmonton since 2012, providing thoughtful and thought-provoking guidance to protégés while gaining insight to their entrepreneurial intent, purpose, spirit and passion.

The principles of trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and sensitivity allows for a relationship grow, advice to be sought and support to be given – often in a short period of time. When mentoring, I encourage protégés to challenge their thinking, do the research, develop a plan, work towards implementation of that plan and evaluate their progress.

I’ve watched a dynamic individual find their footing in the world of fashion and make-up artistry; helped a confident woman chase her dream of international travel; enabled others to grow or expand their business strategies, complemented by a little self-confidence and risk taking; and am presently working with a young entrepreneur who hopes to launch an online marketing company.

It’s understood that mentorship is representative of someone with experience in the field of interest to another and agrees to provide a protégé with tools and techniques or thoughtful guidance to aid them in their growth and development. As a mentor, I appreciate the opportunity to meet new people, be inspired by their vision and entrepreneurial spirit, foster their ability to see the talent and ability they have within themselves, and continue to grow and expand my own experiences too.  It’s empowering!

Thank you to Jacqueline Biollo for contributing our blog. Jacqueline is the President and CEO of A Songbird’s Solo Consulting and has 20 plus years of experience in public policy, human services, board governance and strategic development. Jacqueline is also a former elected official, social advocate, keynote speaker and the founder of an initiative called ArtStart.  She has been a mentor with interVivos three times and is even featured in a promotional video for the mentorship program!

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