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Why Vote?

This past fall, we partnered with Apathy is Boring to offer over 100 Edmontonians an exciting nonpartisan federal election viewing party and an evening of drag at Evolution Wonderlounge.

We thought it would be good to ask people at the party: “Why vote?”

Their responses were captured on Post-It Notes and here are some of them:

  1. “For a better future for my kids!”

  2. “For my future!”

  3. “For my family.”

  4. “For progress!”

  5. “For those who can’t – to make a better future!”

  6. “To change the world!”

  7. “To effect change in my country!”

  8. “To protect human rights!”

  9. “To set a good example!”

  10. “To feel heard!”

  11. “To pursue equality for all!”

  12. “Because we are so lucky to have the chance – many do not!”

  13. “Because I can – women and minorities didn’t always have the opportunity!”

  14. “Because I care about children, education, women, health and climate change!”

  15. “Because rights come with responsibilities!”

  16. “Because I can!”

  17. “Because you and I can make a difference if we all vote!”

  18. “Because why not?”

  19. “I want to vote for those who can’t.”

  20. “It is easy and a way to have your voice heard!”

  21. “It is EASY!”

  22. “It’s my right!”

  23. “It’s my civic duty!”

  24. “Democracy is important to me!”

  25. “It’s my democratic right! I matter!”

A huge thank you to all attendees, performers, and volunteers for helping make this wonderful night a huge success!

Next up for interVivos is our Summer 2020 Mentorship Program launch that will take place virtually on July 14, 2020! Stay tuned for more information and make sure to check our events page often.

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