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interVivos Mentorship Research

In fall of 2018, board members were tasked with conducting a research project to audit its own mentorship program and uncover the needs of young professionals and trends in mentorship. The following are the highlights.

  1. Since the inception of interVivos’ Mentorship Program, females make up 2/3rds of protégés and males make up 1/3rd; mentors are evenly split

  2. interVivos mentors have an average of 17 years in their respective industry

  3. 2/3rds of mentors are in the private sector and 1/3rd belong to the non-profit or public sector

  4. Protégés who participate in interVivos’ Mentorship Programs are largely looking:

  5. to learn and grow professional and personally

  6. to access expertise and knowledge

  7. for advice, feedback and guidance in their career

  8. and to network and broaden their professional relationships

  9. Mentors who participate in interVivos’ Mentorship Programs are largely looking:

  10. to support protégé growth and development

  11. to pay it forward by opening doors and creating opportunities

  12. to learn from the protégé in an exchange of ideas

  13. and to help shape a better community

  14. In light of the #metoo and #timesup movement, research has shown that some male bosses are becoming afraid of working one-on-one with female employees and thus are becoming less likely to mentor them

  15. More organizations are realizing the value of mentorship; many mentorship programs exists, and more are being created every year

  16. Within Edmonton, mentorship programs are popular but exist within industry associations or as part of a post-secondary offering with varying program structures

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming mentorship program launching on June 19, 2019. Email us at to find out more.

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