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The interVivos board is delighted to have two new interns. 

The interns will be voting board members well into 2022. We’ve participated in several internship programs over the past 15 years, and many of our interns have stayed on with the organization for longer board terms. Click here to read about the transformative experience of one of our recent interns:  

Janette Bishop has joined our board as a board intern from the Applied Human Service Administration program at MacEwan University. Janette joined the board in July 2021 and will be with interVivos until the end of June 2022. She will be putting in 750 hours of work within that time. 

Lauren Hill has joined interVivos from the Youth @ the Table program and will be with us until March 2022 as a board intern. For the third year now, interVivos is participating in this fantastic program. This is a six-month province-wide initiative from Volunteer Alberta that seeks to engage youth aged 18-30 to shape their communities. 

Find out more about Janette and Lauren below.


Janette Bishop is a mature student in her 4th year at MacEwan University in the Bachelor of Applied Human Administration program. She hopes to create professional relationships and acquire skills that will help her transition into a new career. As a licensed practical nurse (since 2005), she has enjoyed working in both a hospital and a community setting. Janette is passionate about community building and social equality.  

She played a significant role in organizing our recent Fall 2021 mentorship program. Janette has five children, ages 8-14. She enjoys gardening and also looking after her dogs and chickens in St. Albert.


Lauren has experience in government and politics and currently works for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. She is also a Political Science graduate student at the University of Alberta. Having recently moved to Edmonton, she aims to build her professional network in the community. Lauren has held roles such as Speaker of Legislative Council and Chairperson of the board of Directors for the Students Society of McGill University (SSMU). Lauren believes in the importance of politics and government and approaches such experiences as opportunities to connect and conduct outreach with Canadians.  

Follow along on our blog to learn more about the work that Janette and Lauren will be doing with interVivos over the next several months. We are also looking to collaborate with new programs that are interested in finding placements for students and youth. Drop us a line if you would like to be an intern with us in the future or if you are looking for placement opportunities for your program.


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