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Paying it Forward: Fall 2023 mentors share career advice

interVivos is thrilled to highlight a roster of fantastic volunteer mentors for its Fall 2023 Mentorship Program.

The Fall 2023 Mentorship Program is dedicated to amplifying the voices and showcasing the remarkable work and contributions of volunteer mentors who identify as women, trans, and gender-diverse. interVivos is committed to elevating leaders who are often marginalized and underrepresented.

We asked each of the mentors to share one piece of career advice they've heard that they live by. Check out what they had to say in their own words.

  • Angela Watt: “The only thing in your control is you and your mind. Take charge of that first, and everything else will be as it's meant to be regardless of what we believe or want.”

  • Danielle Paradis: “Nothing right is easy.”

  • Erin McDonald: "Build bridges, not walls. Success in leadership and community development comes from collaboration, understanding, and connecting diverse perspectives to create something meaningful together."

  • Janelle Snow: "If not you, then who is the mantra I live by and comes from my yoga background.”

  • Jill Shillabeer: “Don't be a jerk at work.”

  • Kelly Buckley: “Having a Career is not the same as having a life.”

  • Kristin Ward Diaz: “Generosity and kindness are key to career development.”

  • Lorephil Toledo: “Follow your passion, but don't forget to bring value."

  • Neha Desilets: “You are in control of your path.”

  • Renee Chan: “Find your why and stay curious.”

  • Serena Mah: “Be curious. Check your ego. Be a sponge.”

Are you interested in being a mentor for an upcoming program? Email to find out more.

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