Takin’ Care of Business

You think you know your manners? You have no idea.

interVivos invites young leaders and seasoned leaders to attend an exclusive business etiquette workshop called Takin’ Care of Business on Thursday, March 13 from 5:30 to 8:30pm at Latitude 53 (10242 - 106 Street).

The workshop is led by business etiquette professionals from VIP Protocol and costs $50. You will be provided with light snacks at the event and a professional headshot. Yes, the cost of the headshot is included in your registration fee!

Business etiquette is more than please and thank you. Business etiquette will teach you how to conduct yourself at networking events, in a meeting, at a job interview and while entertaining clients. It helps you develop relationships that can make your career and will set you apart from your competition. During the workshop, you will learn:

  • The perfect handshake
  • The art of the introduction
  • The business card exchange
  • How to be a pro networker

Spots for this workshop are limited. Questions? Email connect@intervivos.ca.

To RSVP please click here.

interVivos Presents: The Fall 2013 Mentorship Program

Looking for a mentor but having no luck finding one? Don’t know where to look for a mentor? If you answered yes to either question, the interVivosFall 2013 Mentorship Program is made just for you.

How does our program work? Fifteen protégés will meet with fifteen influential and esteemed mentors from a variety of careers and backgrounds at an introductory pairing event. This pairing event takes place on Wednesday, November 27 from 5:30-8:00 pm at The Pint Off Whyte (8032 - 104 Street). At the event, mentors and protégés will discuss their goals and what they would like to achieve from the mentorship program. Click here for a video debrief from the Spring pairing event.

At the end of the pairing event, the protégés and mentors submit their pairing preferences to interVivos. Based on these preferences, interVivos will pair up protégés with mentors. Protégés and mentors commit to meet three times over the course of the six-month program. Protégés are charged $40 for the program which includes the cost of the pairing event and the administrative costs to run the program. Find out more about our program by clicking here.

What have mentors and protégés said about our mentorship program?

  • “I have found a mentor that is going to extend past the six months of this program who I feel is genuinely interested in my outcome as a young professional”.
  • “The ability to connect with young up and coming professionals is a great opportunity to share years of knowledge”.
  • “Great program, it was great to learn from someone outside of my industry”.

We only have space for 13 protégés for the Fall 2013 Mentorship Program. RSVP here.

Questions? Email connect@intervivos.ca.

Confirmed Mentors

1. Bev Therrien is a Senior Business Officer for Western Economic Diversification Canada. Throughout her career, she has explored being: an academic, a researcher, a policy analyst, on the fast track for management, a stay-at-home parent, a project manager, a mentor to students, and a relationship manager. She brings a wealth of knowledge from this experience in addition to being an experienced mentor.

2. Candas Jane Dorsey has over thirty five years professional experience as a science fiction writer, editor, educator, mentor, community developer and activist. She has held many elected positions in voluntary organizations and has run for municipal office. As an interVivos mentor she wants to help a protege get a running start on a life of community service. 

3. Cary Williams is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. He has spent five years managing three departments for an international textiles wholesaler and five years as a financial advisor managing his own practice.  Cary is also the former chair of the City of Edmonton’s Next Gen Initiative. Cary looks forward to helping a protege figure out their path to success.

4. Chris Henderson is a consultant in public relations at Calder Bateman. The focus of his practice at Calder Bateman is on community engagement, communications, government relations and social media. He is looking for a protégé who is still trying to understand where to put his or her efforts to begin a career.

 5. Dawn Newton is public affairs professional with more than a decade of experience in areas including:community investment, media relations, marketing, issues management, stakeholder engagement and government relations. Dawn currently works for Telus. She is an experienced mentor and is looking tomeet new bright minds, share experiences that may help to launch careers and learn more about younger generations.

 6. Eric Petersen is a financial planner who has been personally vested in start-ups to seasoned businesses since his early twenties. He currently sits on three non-profit boards and has been involved with Scouts Canada for over 15 years as a leader. He is a returning interVivos mentor.

7. Erin Elizabeth Ross is a painter and multidisciplinary artist.  Since receiving her BFA from the UofA in 2006, she became a full time artist and has been represented in commercial galleries since 2008.  She has worked in numerous private and public collections, installing a public art piece for the Edmonton Arts Council in May 2013. Erin wants to help a protege define and achieve his or her goals.

 8. Greg Campbell is a computer engineer by trade and has worked for various small and large companies. Throughout his career, he has been a serial entrepreneur and started Spieker Point in 2005. As an experienced mentor, he is looking to assist a young professional in developing their business’ “peripheral vision”.

 9. Irene Martin is the executive director of the Alberta Senior Citizens Housing Association. She is a highly motivated leader, growing tremendously from nearly 20 years in her current and past leadership positions. Highly self-motivated, most of her career was built while being a single parent, learning and attending courses along the way. She is looking forward to learn and grow personally from helping others reach their full potential.

 10. Lisa Hagen is the Director of Strategy with Creative Loop. She has been a mentor with several post-secondary institutions and served on the organizing committees of many industry groups. She is seeking to mentor anyone looking to move into the digital side of marketing/communications, or those who may be looking to start their own business/consultancy. Lisa is a returning interVivos mentor.

 11. Mary Sturgeon is a communications and public relations professional with over 25 years of experience. She is the current project manager for Make Something Edmonton, a resource hub for people who wish to start or build something and an initiative that collects “made in Edmonton” anecdotes and shepherds the Edmonton story. She is looking forward to assist someone in reaching their professional goals.

 12. Neil Mathew Salsbury is an Investment Advisor with Servus Wealth Strategies. Over the past decade he has built a career around helping businesses and people manage their investments, however he gets the greatest satisfaction from his work in the community.His hope for the mentorship program is to be able to connect with an individual and help them achieve their goals.

13. Ryan Neuman is the owner of Onsite Group, an architectural millwork, furniture manufacturing and upholstery company.  He gained valuable experience working in manufacturing, retail and management prior to starting his own company.  Ryan looks forward to sharing his experiences and energy with someone who wants to make a difference in the world but doesn’t know where to start.

Getting Edmonton’s Youth to Connect, Contribute and Care

With election season upon us, it’s the perfect time of year to be talking about how to better engage youth with their civic institutions. As we move closer and closer to the municipal election on October 21st, we’re likely to hear a lot about how to turn young residents into young voters.

Since 2010, members of NextGen, City of Edmonton staff, Councillor Don Iveson, and an 11 member Engagement Advisory Committeehave been working with community leaders, civic administrators and youth themselves, to come up with ideas and a plan for better engaging young people when it comes to getting involved in their communities.

On Tuesday September 17th, years of research and hard work came together with the release of NextGen’s strategy to increase youth engagement. The report, titled Connect, Contribute, Care: Municipal Engagement Recommendations for Edmonton’s Next Generation, makes recommendations to the city, businesses and communities on how they can better draw youth into an active civic life.

The city is already working on implementing some of the reports recommendations by incorporating alternative media to spread the word about the municipal election to reach younger voters. With an election specific Twitter account (@EdmElections ), a new, interactive Edmonton Elections app (available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry), and more advanced polling days in convenient locations like recreation centers, the city is hoping to reach and encourage more young people to vote this October.

Here at interVivos, we also try to offer opportunities to help young people find ways to contribute to their communities. Our mentorship program helps connect young professionals to more experienced mentors while our events like Citizen Edmonton and The Mayoral Event help connect young people with causes they care about and opportunities to get more actively involved in them.

We hope that this report and its recommendations help to encourage more businesses, non-profits and community organizations to actively partner with youth to help build the next generation of civic leaders.

Edmonton's Young Professionals Are Engaged In The Municipal Election

What happens when four of the mayoral candidates come together at Latitude 53 to talk with young professionals? Well, a lot of discussionon Edmonton’s future and about who should be our next mayor.

We invited all of the mayoral candidates to join us on September 30 and we were happy to host Kerry Diotte, Don Iveson, Karen Leibovici and Gordon Ward. Each candidate rotated through the room speed dating style and talked with groups of about 20 people at a time. The intimate format gave our guests the opportunity to get to know each candidate in a more personal setting, ask questions that were meaningful to them, and get clarity about who they think should be Edmonton’s next mayor.

The guests were also given three post-it notes each when they arrived to take part in the Post-It Note Vote that was on display on the gallery wall. Each guest was asked use their post-it’s to cast their vote on what they thought their top three priorities should be for the new mayor and council. The choices were Infrastructure, Urban Sprawl, Edmonton’s Image, Transportation, Taxes and Downtown Revitalization. Early in the night it looked like Infrastructure was the front-runner, but as the night progressed we saw a four-way split between Infrastructure, Downtown Revitalization, Urban Sprawl and Transportation. So what does this say about the needs of Edmonton’s younger demographic? It turns out a lot of our concerns are inter-related. We expect the new council take into consideration all areas and how they affect each other when making decisions.

It was great to see a couple of the candidates stick around after the formal event to chat with the guests and answer additional questions. Thank you again to Latitude 53 for hosting, Vassy Kapelos for being our emcee, the Mongolie Grill for the snacks, and National Bank Financial for providing financial support.

Remember to vote on October 21st!

Important information from Edmonton Elections

Along with Edmonton Elections, interVivos encourages all of the city’s 619,138 eligible voters to come out and cast their ballots on Monday, October 21, 2013.  From candidate forums to advance voting opportunities, there are a variety of election activities taking place between now and Election Day. You can keep up with all the latest 2013 Edmonton Election news and information by following Edmonton Elections on twitter @EdmElections, joining their Facebook event or downloading the new election mobile app for iPhone, Android or Blackberry at edmonton.ca/electionmobileapp.

Work the Election

A fair and accurate election is the cornerstone of our community— but it takes a lot of dedicated people to ensure voters can successfully cast their ballots. Edmonton Elections still needs approximately 700 more election workers to help run the Election Day voting stations.  Southeast wards 11 and 12 are in the most need of applicants. The majority of the remaining positions are for Deputy Returning Officers. Deputy Returning Officers may be called upon to perform a variety of tasks including, greeting voters as they arrive at the voting station, checking identification and assisting voters with the completion of the voting register. To apply for a position, visit edmonton.ca/worktheelection

Identify Your Choices

Edmonton Elections is hosting a series of all- candidate City Council forums from September 30 to October 10, 2013. There will be three forums held for the Mayor's race, including a new midday forum downtown on October 7, and 1 forum in each of the 12 wards for the Councillors' races.  Candidate forums are a great way for voters to hear from each of the candidates in order to make an informed decision on Election Day. For more information, please visit edmonton.ca/candidateforums. Make sure you could attend interVivos’ Mayoral Forum on September 30. Click here for more details. 

Bring Your ID

The identification requirements have changed for the 2013 Edmonton Election. In order to vote, you must produce one piece of authorized identification that establishes both your name and current residential address, such as an Alberta Driver’s Licence or Identification Card.  For the full list of authorized identification, visit edmonton.ca/BringYourID.

Bring Your Vote

If you can’t make it to a voting station on October 21st, you can still cast your vote at one of the many Advance Vote opportunities on October 8-12 and 15-19, 2013.  Edmonton Elections recognizes that residents have very busy schedules and that’s why more advance voting hours are being offered this election than ever before.  You can also request a special (mail-in) ballot if you are unable to vote at either an advance vote or Election Day voting station. For more information on where to vote, visit edmonton.ca/forvoters


Contact Edmonton Elections at elections@edmonton.ca or visit them on the web here.  

interVivos Presents: The Mayoral Event

Curious about the upcoming mayoral election? Wish you had an opportunity to get to know some of the candidates? Join us on Monday, September 30, 5:30 to 8 pm at Latitude 53 (10242 106 St.) for interVivos presents: The Mayoral Event.

This speed dating inspired event will give young professionals the opportunity to get to know the mayoral candidates in a small-group setting. This is not your parents’ mayoral forum! So far, Kerry Diotte, Don Iveson, Karen Leibovici and Gordon Ward are confimed for the event. The candidates will rotate from group to group and you will have the opportunity to ask them questions and find out more about their platform. You will do this over coctails, snacks donated by Mongolie Grill and beats provided by ThomasCulture. Thank you to Bruno Mercier from National Bank Finacial for generously providing financial support and to Vassy Kapelos from Global Edmonton for being the eveneing's emcee.

interVivos also wants to know what you think. While you’re here drinking, snacking and mingling with other engaged Edmontonians, take part in our Post-it Note Vote. You’ll be given a number of Post-it Notes when you arrive to cast your vote on our voting wall. There are plenty of topics to choose from including urban sprawl, downtown revitalization, taxes and much more. Cast your Post-it Note Vote and have your voice heard. After the event, we will contact all of the candidates in this civic election and let them know what young professionals of Edmonton have said are their main areas of concern.

It’s time to get out and get informed!

To RSVP please click here. Tickets are $5 ahead of time or $10 at the door.

For more information, please email connect@intervivos.ca.

are confirmed for the event. The candidates will rotate from group to group and you will have the opportunity to ask them questions and find out more about their platforms. You will do this over cocktails, snacks donated by Mongolie Grill and beats provided by ThomasCulture.Thank you to Bruno Mercier from National Bank Financial for generously providing financial support and to VassyKapelos from Global Edmonton for being the evening’s emcee.

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Local Art in the Summer Sun: The interVivos Patio Party

interVivos was thrilled to host the 3rd annual Patio Party at Latitude 53. Each year we look forward to this summer social event where we can get together with our friends and the interVivos community to enjoy some local art and take in the beautiful Edmonton weather.

We partner with Latitude 53 to host this event because we believe in supporting other non-profit and volunteer organizations that are committed to engaging youth and making Edmonton great. Latitude 53 does a great job of bringing art to young people and we’re proud to be a part of their innovative patio series.

This year’s event was extra special for us as we celebrated interVivos board president Zohreh Saher’s birthday and the Incubator featured artist was Pieter de Vos who often volunteers for us as a photographer at our events.

We want to thank everyone who joined us and made the evening special. And particularly we would like to thank:

It was great to see so many interVivos supporters and mentorship program participants as part of the crowd. We’re always happy to see how the relationships we help facilitate move beyond the formality of the programs we run. People involved with interVivos are some of Edmonton’s most engaged and interesting young people and it was really refreshing to mingle with you all outside of one of our more structured events.


Be sure to check out our Facebook page for photos from the event and if you missed this event, be sure to check back with us or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to hear about our upcoming fall events.


We hope you are enjoying the summer!

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