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Get your ticket for thank u, next on May 11

interVivos is hosting our first community engagement event in 3 years on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, from 7-9 pm MST. This virtual event is dedicated to shining a light on the hidden, gender-based impacts of the pandemic and coming together to develop inclusive and practical solutions.

Don’t miss out on thank u, next. Purchase your tickets here.

Our board of directors is still concerned about everyone’s safety, so we will be hosting the event on Zoom. But this won’t be your typical Zoom meeting—we’ll work in smaller groups to interact and connect closely with local experts.

As everything in Edmonton starts to get back to a “new normal,” we’re saying thank u, next to all the gender-based pandemic roadblocks, and thank u, yes to practical community-based solutions. That’s where you come in!

Together, we will look at some of the biggest challenges women and gender-diverse people face, as voted by you in our recent survey. Based on the feedback from the survey, six topics were identified that our community would be most interested in tackling:

  • Mental health impacts (31%)

  • Work-life effectiveness & setting boundaries (25%)

  • Growing a career in the face of uncertainty (12%)

  • Championing diversity & allyship (12%)

  • Access to healthy and safe spaces (10%)

  • Equal partnerships & unpaid work (6%)

  • Financial impacts (4%)

For the sake of time at the event on May 11, 2022, we will only be discussing the top 5 issues. We will use community wisdom during the event to face and overcome these challenges.

Emcee: Sarah Chan (She/Her), Community Engagement & Relationships Lead, Alberta Mentoring Partnership


  • Access to healthy and safe spaces: Cynthia Decore (They/Them, She/Her), Writer and Advocate, Disabled Discourse

  • Growing a career in the face of uncertainty: Elli McDine (She/Her), Director Member Journey Transformation, AMA

  • Championing diversity & allyship: Funke Olokude (She/Her), Executive Director, Ribbon Rouge Foundation

  • Mental health impacts: Odion Welch (She/Her), Mental Health Coordinator, Africa Centre

  • Work-life effectiveness & setting boundaries: Soni Dasmohapatra (She/Her), Consultant, Lunar Womb

interVivos strives to make its events accessible to everyone. All genders are welcome. Limited tickets are available for this event, as interVivos is committed to delivering an experience where everyone has an opportunity to connect, reflect and share. (Or just listen if that’s more your style.)

Tickets are available for $5, $10, and $15. Attendees are encouraged to pick a price that suits their circumstances. All proceeds are reinvested in our programs and events. If you would like a reduced ticket price, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you (virtually, of course) on May 11 and hearing your voice in our chats.

Don’t miss out on the event thank u, next. Purchase your tickets here.

If you have questions about this event, please take a look at our thank u, next FAQS.

Be sure to check us out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, and Twitter) to stay updated on interVivos and find out more about our upcoming events. Feel free to drop us a line at with any questions.

Event sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Presenting Sponsor: Park Power

Event Sponsors: pipikwan pêhtâkwan, Ruby Gorgeous Salon, the bamboo ballroom, The Common, Token Bitters, Mock-Ups Mocktails, Pieter deVos Consulting, and Doughnut Party.

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