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interVivos supports local, and so should you this holiday season

interVivos and our community rely on the local businesses at the heart of them. 2021 has been a tumultuous year for Edmonton businesses with the impacts of COVID-19. These small businesses need our support more than ever as they have had to pivot. 

Local businesses provide character and individuality to a community. They benefit their local communities in many concrete, quantifiable ways. Specifically, if you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays within the local economy.

Here are some easy ways you can support local:

  1. Buy gift cards for friends, family, or your own use in the spring

  2. Write a positive online review

  3. Engage with their social media posts

  4. Post about them on your Instagram story or TikTok

During the Fall 2020 mentorship program launch, participants shared their favourite local business names. Check out the list below. You might discover a new gem in your backyard that you can support during the holiday season and beyond.

We have also included our remarkable Fall 2020 program sponsors in this list. The interVivos board has even added their picks.


  1. Audrey’s Books

  2. Bountiful Farmers’ Market

  3. E & J Watch and Jewellery Repair West Edmonton Mall (Program Sponsor)

  4. Find Edmonton

  5. Haiku Lane 

  6. Italian Centre Shop

  7. Kamamak

  8. KEYLIME Athletic Wear

  9. Majesty and Friends

  10. Métisgirlbeads 

  11. Mood Consignment

  12. Old Strathcona Antique Mall

  13. Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair

  14. Sugared & Spiced Baked Goods Inc. 

  15. The Prints and the Paper

  16. The Traveling Tickle Trunk

  17. Vinomania

  18. Wild Prairie Soap Company 

Restaurants and Cafes

  1. Bodega

  2. Cartago

  3. Caffiend

  4. Chianti Cafe

  5. Confetti Sweets

  6. Corso 32

  7. Credo

  8. Dadeo

  9. Doughnut Party (Program Sponsor)

  10. Drift Food Truck 

  11. Duchess Bake Shop 

  12. Farrow Sandwiches 

  13. Filistix

  14. Kafana 

  15. La Patrona

  16. Ninja Noodle

  17. Noodleholic 

  18. Northern Chicken 

  19. Red Star

  20. Remedy Cafe

  21. Rge Road

  22. Roasti Coffee Co. 

  23. Situation Brewing

  24. Super Flea Market

  25. The Artworks

  26. The Common

  27. Tres Carnales Roztiado

  28. Turquaz Kebab House

  29. Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe

Other Amazing Businesses

  1. Altitude Investments (Program Sponsor)

  2. Canajan Inc.

  3. Champs Boxing Studio

  4. Coffee Ring Studio (Program Sponsor)

  5. Evolution Wonderlounge

  6. Face Ginch

  7. Frank Lee’s Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym

  8. Headlines Salon

  9. INCITE (Program Sponsor)

  10. JGR Communications (Program Sponsor)

  11. Leaders International (Program Sponsor)

  12. Park Power (Presenting Sponsor)

  13. Rock Paper Shears 

  14. RSM Canada

  15. Ruby Gorgeous Salon

  16. Samson Native Gallery 

  17. Soni Dasmohapatra (Program Sponsor)

  18. Token Bitters

  19. VSM PHOTO (Program Sponsor)

Want to explore more? Check out the local loves of our Fall 2021 participants here.

Check out our blog post from Fall 2021 that featured some fantastic local businesses shared by other mentorship participants.

Are you a local business wanting to connect with mentors and protégés? We accept support in ways such as venue space, audiovisual equipment, live streaming capabilities, catering, and event prizes such as gift cards. Please reach out to  to tell us more about how you can help!

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