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Meet an interVivos supporter: Rhys Morgan

The start of the new year is an excellent time to showcase one of our long-term supporters: Rhys Morgan.

Rhys is a busy person, but since he is a leader of a global firm with nearly 50,000 employees worldwide, that does not come as a shock. Thankfully he always has time for interVivos.  We interviewed him this winter to find out why he supports interVivos.

Rhys works as a Partner at RSM Canada. RSM Canada is an audit, tax, and consulting firm with offices in 120 countries around the globe. As a Partner, Rhys leads the consulting service offerings across Canada. RSM Canada is one of our two co-presenting sponsors for our Fall 2021 Mentorship program. interVivos wouldn’t be able to keep putting on these programs without supporters like RSM Canada and, of course, Rhys.

Rhys has a long history with interVivos. He first learned about the organization from his wife, Ashley. She was a board member over ten years ago. Over the years, Rhys has supported many events and programs as a sponsor, and both he and his wife have served as mentors. Check out an earlier blog with Rhys here.

Rhys knows it’s essential to engage with and give back to the community.  In particular, along with interVivos, he is passionate about and gives time and resources regularly to Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters and Little Warriors.

Mentorship is deeply valued by Rhys, who says his mentors have been instrumental in helping him achieve his goals. He shares that it was “purely by chance that I managed to luck out and find those people.” Today they’re not only his mentors but also his close personal friends, some of whom flew halfway across the world to attend his wedding.

When Rhys first learned of interVivos, he felt the cause truly resonated with him because of how mentorship impacted his own life. “It’s having an additional person looking out for you and trying to guide you and maximize your potential,” he says fondly.

RSM Canada also takes mentorship seriously, incorporating mentorship and community engagement into their workplace culture in various ways. For example, the company ensures that each team member is assigned a career advisor, who acts as a mentor. This person supports them through career planning, performance evaluations, and day-to-day support when needed.

Each RSM Canada office picks a charity of choice annually.  Rhys’  office supports Little Warriors through fundraising and volunteering efforts. Rhys and his co-workers had the opportunity to visit the  Little Warriors, Be Brave Ranch. “We did some painting and mowing of lawns and packed up some gift boxes for the children,” he recalls. RSM also has ‘Employee Network Groups’ that come together around a shared experience or community. For example, Rhys is a part of the Pride Group and the Family-first Group.

We appreciate everything Rhys has done over the years for our small nonprofit. About interVivos, Rhys says: “It’s a great cause. I’m happy to be a part of it and would like to do even more in the future.” We’d like that too!

To find out about how you can support us like Rhys and RSM Canada, please email


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