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Why should I volunteer as a mentor?

interVivos is always looking for new volunteer mentors. You should sign up!

Our mentors come from various fields such as entrepreneurship, information technology, post-secondary, consulting, government, communications, healthcare, culinary arts, politics, and non-profit. Our mentors are also diverse in their ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Mentoring relationships make a high impact. They bring results and can change people’s careers for the better. Powerful things happen when a respected, experienced person shows interest and goes out of their way to help another individual develop, especially when they are open to being influenced.

One interVivos mentor told us: “It’s so important that as we succeed, we lift others along the way. It’s mutually beneficial too. As we lift others, we rise higher ourselves. I know my protégé will do great things with her future, and I look forward to seeing her achieve her goals. When you decide to mentor someone with interVivos, you help that person achieve. You share your failures and your successes.

You advise and so much more. I had a very positive experience participating in the interVivos Mentorship Program, and I will definitely do it again. This program is very well organized, and the board members are so friendly, sweet, and very easy to talk to. If you are interested in either being a mentor or protégé, you should reach out to interVivos.”

Here are some of the reasons that there is an increased interest in mentoring:

  • Millennials believe that having a mentor will help them succeed.

  • Mentorship helps foster commitment and loyalty to new organizational leaders.

  • Mentoring builds leadership competence and strengthens “the talent pipeline.”

  • Mentoring facilitates strategic alignment by enabling and sharing knowledge.

  • Mentoring promotes diversity and inclusion, allowing everyone to learn from the variety within an organization.

  • At the heart of mentoring, there is profound personal value.

  • Mentoring brings safety to guide protégés in their career development. When mentors share experiences, they help their protégés avoid common pitfalls.

  • Mentors help their protégés become more capable, confident, and competent to accomplish their goals. Mentors are uniquely positioned to share what they have learned and help their protégés understand the skills they need to be successful.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer mentor for interVivos? First, check out some frequently asked questions. Then, drop us a line to sign up at


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